Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Update on Kristen

I was hoping to come in on this beautiful morning to update everyone on our trip to Rome on Saturday, but it doesn't seem quite as important now. I checked in this morning on Kristen, and I found that she passed away on Friday afternoon. Please keep her family in your prayers. God was gracious enough to allow her to be awake and aware several times during her ordeal to spend time with her family, but she will be greatly missed. Please pray for comfort and peace for them. Thankfully, this was not extremely sudden, but it would never have been easy to let such a wonderful person go.

I think of what Neal's mom told me on Saturday when she told me that she was praying for Kristen, that sometimes the physical healing that God promises doesn't necessarily mean life on this earth, but going home to Heaven in our perfect heavenly bodies. I suppose that's what God had in mind for Kristen. Her attitude was always gracious, wanting God's will above all others, and I know that He is pleased to accept her into eternal glory.

We love you and miss you all.

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