Friday, February 12, 2010

Jeffery's First Snow!!!

We've had a crazy weather day today! First it started out extremely windy and started raining around 7am. Then it cleared up and was cool and partly sunny. This afternoon turned a bit dark and gloomy, with thunder and lightning. Moments later, this is what we looked out to see!

We've been told it hasn't snowed in this area for over 50 years! So much for that global warming thing, huh?!?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Half -Baked!!!

Well, today I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant! It seriously sneaks up on you! And if this one is anything like his/her big brother, we're about exactly halfway there.

We have a doctor's appointment later this week, as well as our big middle-of-the-pregnancy ultrasound! We've decided again to wait to find out what sex this baby is. We enjoyed the surprise so much with Jeffery, and really don't have any practical need to know anyway. So while we'll be posting plenty of sonogram pictures, don't expect a big announcement!

The pregnancy is still going well. I had morning sickness pretty badly in the beginning, but that eased up around Christmas. I am still easily tired (chasing a very active toddler doesn't help that much), and have learned to take it easy when I need to. A few weeks ago, I was told by the OB that I need to stop lifting Jeffery because I may have pulled a muscle in my stomach. I guess it isn't wise to be lifting a thirty-plus pound toddler while pregnant! But we're better now, and though I still try not to lift Jeffery unless I have to, it hasn't caused any other problems.

I am beginning to get some energy, and am definitely developing a bit of a belly. According to Neal, there's no denying it now! Though I did start getting a bump sooner this time around, and felt the baby earlier, it seems to be a bit smaller than Jeffery was, so here's hoping this one's not going to try and beat his/her big brother's birth weight record!

Jeffery is doing great! He's super busy, always on the move, and babbling up a storm! He says several words now (daddy, hi, bye, ball, up, boom, thank you, and even kitty cat, among others), and really tries to copy what you say. I've been trying to teach him a few signs, and so far he's learned please and more (or his versions of them). We're currently working on eat. He blows kisses and says bye, and loves talking to his Grammies on Skype! Any time we ask him if he wants to call Grammy, he instantly starts babbling, "hi, gee" while running to the computer!

There are so many things that he's doing right now. I can't even remember all of them to post! He is just SO easy, and is such a joy to be around. Neal and I are constantly saying how unfair it is that he's so cute and cuddly. It just makes it so hard to get onto him sometimes! He obviously has his moments just like any other kid, but we're so grateful for such a sweet little boy!

His latest thing is dancing. I try to catch him on video every time, but he stops when he sees the camera out. Here's the best I have been able to catch: