Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm late posting these

Sorry for taking so long to post new sonogram pictures. I've been trying to keep up with Jeffery lately, and that's increasingly difficult to do.

These were taken at 11 weeks and 1 day. The baby is measuring a week ahead (that's the 12w1d measurement), so it looks like we're on track for another large baby! I suppose that we just make big babies.

Doc said the baby's looking "great" and moving a lot, which is good. It was quiet at first, but then she poked at it a bit, and it really responded. It started stretching limbs and rolling around. The funny part was it did the same thing Jeffery did at this point when we were having a sonogram with him. When the doctor got a good front view, it rolled over and turned its back toward us! I think our kids are fond of their sleep!

All in all, we're doing well. Morning sickness is tapering off now, and I'm beginning to feel some weight gain in the midsection. Given that I've lost about 6-7 pounds now, there's no real baby bump yet, but it's definitely coming. It's starting to poke out every morning now when I wake up. I'm definitely out of my regular jeans, so it won't be long before I break back into the maternity clothes.

Our next appointment is at the first of January, and then we'll schedule our big ultrasound for later in January, so be ready for several pictures then! For now, here's the three we were able to get.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Like father, like son

Jeffery decided yesterday that he was going to get a head-start on being like his Daddy, and got his first serious injury. It was getting to be naptime, and he's always clumsy when he's tired. Mom was getting him some milk for nap, and turned around to see him trip over the rug and go head-first into the marble hearth. Luckily, the gash was all that is gave him; no concussion or anything else. But Mom and Dad could definitely have waited a while for this "first."

We headed to the Naval hospital ER, since the Italian hospital that would've been closer is not known for using anesthesia (eek!). They didn't end up giving him stitches. I think they were hesitant since they usually sedate little ones for it. They did use liquid adhesive and put some steri-strips over it. He was great during the whole ordeal, only crying when we had to hold him to have it cleaned and "glued." Otherwise, he was happy and babbling almost the entire time.

It is still a bit angry-looking this morning, but hopefully once the swelling goes down, it will heal up nicely. Here are some pictures of the little trooper:

Monday, November 30, 2009

More reasons to be thankful!

Well, we have yet another reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving! We announced to both sides of the family on Thanksgiving day that we are going to be parents again!

Introducing baby P-nut!

We found out we were pregnant again on October 19th, but since we would have both families in one place on Thanksgiving, we decided to hold our tongues for the few weeks until then, and tell them in person, all at once! It was horribly difficult, we almost let it slip a few times, and were almost found out while we were home, but we made it! And what a great memory to have for years to come!

How we told everyone: Since Jeffery's prenatal nickname was Wee P, we decided to stick with that theme, and call this one P-nut. So on that theme, Neal went to a jeweler in Knoxville and got seven small gift boxes (one for everyone at Thanksgiving dinner). On the little layer of cotton inside, we placed a single full-shell peanut in each box. After the meal, we told everyone that we wanted to give them a small gift since we wouldn't be home for Christmas, and told them to open them all at the same time. Needless to say, there were some confused looks. Mama Carcello was the first to ask, "Are you pregnant?" And all chaos ensued!

We are due June 29th, 2010. We did get a sonogram before we left Italy, just as a precaution and to make sure everything was in order. We were 6 weeks at the time, so there wasn't all that much to see. But we did get to hear the heartbeat, and see that everything was just fine! We'll have another appointment to get a better look shortly after we get back to Italy.

The best part is that this baby will be born in the United States! We received our hard orders a few days before Thanksgiving, so we are set to move at the first of March back to the US! Neal will be stationed in Mayport, FL, which is just outside of Jacksonville. We've already taken a very short trip down there to look around and find out about the real estate market. We'll know more specific dates as the weeks go by, but for now, we're pretty sure that we'll be flying out within the first week or so of March!

We've had a great time spending Thaksgiving here in the US, and while we didn't get to see everyone we wanted to (we never do), we're looking forward to another trip through Tennessee in March, then down to Florida. We can't wait to be living in the US again, and we're thrilled that we'll have a great reason for family to come visit next Summer!

We love you all, and thank you for being a part of our lives!

Monday, November 02, 2009

A new word!

Just last week, Jeffery surprised us by learning a new word, one that we were sure would NOT be one of his first besides Mama, Dada, and bye-bye.

From early on, we have made sure to tell him to say please and thank you, repeating them ourselves when he wants or is given something. We knew eventually this would help with manners, but when he started saying "please" last week (and in the correct context even!), we were shocked!

Granted, it is still not a clear form of the word, but he uses it correctly, and it is just SO DARN CUTE! So here is my video evidence, taken just today at his lunch time:

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jeffery's Birthday photos and details!

Since we couldn't have the big birthday bash with family/friends, here's a recap of Jeffery's day:

Such a tall boy (no idea where he gets that, by the way)

Playing with the See and Say Mom and Dad got him (he didn't really care for the Jack in the Box, apparently that needs to wait a few months)

He loves to ham it up for the camera, but you have to be quick or he starts walking toward you

Mom making his cake

Chilling on the couch, watching football with Dad, while Mom decorates his cake

He caught me!

It's been a while, but I remembered how to decorate a cake

The finished product

Dad teaching him early

"Why's Mom got the camera for this?"

"Oh Wow! Maybe I like that!"

"What is this?"

"This isn't bad stuff!"

He didn't want to get his fingers dirty at first

"That's really good!"

Rockin' his new UT jersey from Grammy and Granddaddy P!

"I know I'm cute!"

Daddy's proud of his little Volunteer!

UT Football, here I come!

"Oh, I'm supposed to hold onto it?"

UT's quarterback for the 2026 year!

Finally figured out how to pick it up

"Mom, it's messy!"

"Eh, who cares? I'll just lick it off my arm!"


Jeffery had a great day, and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! There will be more pictures of his new toys in the days to come. And I will try to upload a video or two of his day as soon as I can.

It was a bittersweet day for Neal and me, as we were constantly reminding each other where we were, and what we were doing this time last year. It was a memorable day for sure, as well as a very special one. We just can't believe how fast this past year has gone!

One good part of that, however, is that we are that much closer to coming home! We will keep you all updated on our next set of orders, which should be determined in the next couple of weeks at most.

We love you all!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

One year ago today ...

... We met this handsome guy ...

The very first picture we have of Jeffery, about 3 minutes old!

His first picture with Daddy

His first picture with Mommy

The most beautiful sight to our weary eyes!

And now, for a trip through the past year ...

One month (10/27/08)

Two months (Thanksgiving Day - 11/27/08)

Three months (12/25/08)

Four months (1/27/09)

Five months (2/28/09)

Six months (3/28/09)

Seven months (4/21/09)

Eight months (5/27/09)

Nine months (6/27/09)

Ten months (7/27/09)

Eleven months (8/30/09)

One year! (9/27/09)

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We have a WALKER!!!

After several weeks of pulling up on various things, and walking around with help, someone decided to just bite the bullet and try it out!

Check out the video here:

We are in TROUBLE!!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

Urgent Prayer Request for a friend ...

I had intended to post about Jeffery's 10 month birthday today, but that will have to wait:

I just wanted to post a quick request for as many prayers as possible. Stellan is an 8 month-old little man who was born with a damaged heart. For more info on him, you can check out his mom's blog here.

I found her blog through a mutual friend when I was still pregnant last year, and have followed their family ever since. Stellan is an amazing baby, and is just that much more special to me because he and Jeffery are only weeks apart in age. It breaks my heart to see a family going through this, and I hold my own little boy closer today knowing that it could be anyone's child.

Please take a moment today to pray for this most precious little guy. It seems he could really use it. Also, please pray for his parents' comfort, and the doctors' wisdom and leading.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Nine months old!

Man, I can't believe that Jeffery's already nine months old! It seems like he's been a part of our family forever, but then again, it seems like yesterday that we were in the Stork's Nest, waiting for labor to start!

He really is an awesome baby, and getting more and more fun (and exhausting) by the day! He's hitting milestone after milestone. As soon I write something down that he did, he does something else! Last Friday (the 19th), I went to check on him after his nap because he woke up crying (he usually wakes up happy). I walked into the room to find him with both hands on the rails of his crib, and just in time to see him pull up to his feet and grin at me! I'm in trouble!

He's pulling himself up on everything he can now, especially on us when he's tired and wants to be held. He's eating big boy food and snacks, and has even mastered the sippy cup! He says "Mama" and "Dada," and will sometimes say "bye-bye" while waving. He learned peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake while we were home in May, and he loves Blue's Clues! He's really becoming a little boy.

Today we went for his 9 month checkup, and he is doing great! He weighs 24 pounds, and is 29 inches tall now! We knew he had grown (we recently had to move his exersaucer up a level), but were shocked at just how much! Anyway, luckily there were no shots again until his 1 year appointment, and today was nothing but good news! He even showed Dr. Moore his "petunia" side, as Mom likes to call it.

I'm posting some pictures of him here, but as usual, all of our pictures are on the photobucket site (I'll try to put the link in a sidebar). I'll try to post a video or two in the days to come as well. We love and miss you all!

Playing "got your nose" with Mom

Uh oh! Time to put the bouncy seat away!

"Hey, what's in here?"

Empty boxes make great toys!

He loves his new exersaucer!

He also loves destroying his new foam floor ABC pad

In his baby pool with Dad on the back patio

"Please, no photos!"

Working the sippy cup on a hot day

"Um, Mom? It's empty!"

Giggling at the mess he made on the bottom of his exersaucer

Watching Pooh

He caught me

He just couldn't take it any more