Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Like father, like son

Jeffery decided yesterday that he was going to get a head-start on being like his Daddy, and got his first serious injury. It was getting to be naptime, and he's always clumsy when he's tired. Mom was getting him some milk for nap, and turned around to see him trip over the rug and go head-first into the marble hearth. Luckily, the gash was all that is gave him; no concussion or anything else. But Mom and Dad could definitely have waited a while for this "first."

We headed to the Naval hospital ER, since the Italian hospital that would've been closer is not known for using anesthesia (eek!). They didn't end up giving him stitches. I think they were hesitant since they usually sedate little ones for it. They did use liquid adhesive and put some steri-strips over it. He was great during the whole ordeal, only crying when we had to hold him to have it cleaned and "glued." Otherwise, he was happy and babbling almost the entire time.

It is still a bit angry-looking this morning, but hopefully once the swelling goes down, it will heal up nicely. Here are some pictures of the little trooper:

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