Friday, March 23, 2007

Rome Pictures

This is the Piazza di Spagna (the Spanish Square, most people call it the Spanish steps). I'm not exactly sure what that is at the top. Unfortunately, due to the fact that we only had a day there, we didn't look into a whole lot, but mostly hit the highlights.

Obviously, me on the Spanish steps.

This is the Rome McDonald's, supposedly the most unique, right there in the square.

This is the inside. Don't mind the horrid look on my face, someone didn't tell me he was putting me in the picture.

Saint Peter's Basilica. I took this one of the statues on top. I think they're close to lifesize, but I know they're huge!.

The statues close-up.

Saint Peter's Square - Vatican City

We saw this couple taking their wedding pictures at one of the fountains - no telling that they're native Italians (heavy sarcasm).

We found the Pope-mobile!!!

The Rodeo drive of Rome, where all of the designer shops are....

This is on one side....

This is on the other! (Story about this store to come later.)

If you have to ask....

The Trevi Fountain. We hit it at dusk, so the lighting wasn't great, but it was beautiful!

This is the view you get right out of the subway station. Smack! Right there in your face!

This is looking up at the Colosseum from the bottom. I'm not kidding, the thing is huge!

This is Constantine's Arch. It's right beside the Colloseum, and is amazing in itself! You gotta love the night pictures that Neal took, the lighting is so cool!

This is how they serve wine in Italy - decanted. We had dinner at this little cafe that was literally right across the street from the Colosseum! It was wonderful!

This is the cafe. This picture was taken right in front of the Colosseum, that's how close it is.

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Emmy said...

i love how u stand out in the spanish steps! everyones in black and ur on orange. Kinda like that one famous picture of all white flowers and one yellow one in the middle...u know which one im talking about? i thought it was cool