Wednesday, March 21, 2007


This is our new house, on the day we went to see it. The floor you enter on is the main floor, and it also has a daylight basement, as well as a lofted second story guest suite.

This is the basement area. There's a fireplace to the right of me in the picture. That's the dining area. In the forefront is the living area. What we are looking at, on the left, is the kitchen. Past the kitchen, further back on the left, is an office area. The door right in front of me leads to the downstairs bathroom, with stall shower, bath tub, and utility area.

This is my new play-place!!! Believe it or not, this is a huge kitchen for Italians. There is usually only a counter about the size/length of the one that the sink is in. And all that pantry space is usually not even there.

This is the view from the lofted guest suite. The house right across the street is still under construction, but we still have a pretty awesome view of the ocean from here. Neal and I considered taking this as our suite, but it would be an awkward area for us, and unfortunately, there is only a half bathroom up here. But it will make an awesome guest suite!

This is the view from the back of the house, looking to the right. Those mountains are actually way off in the distance. There are more to the left that are huge and you look right up into. You can see them a little bit in the next picture.

This is Janie's new garden area! Actually, the landlords told us we could do whatever we want to any of the landscaping, so this will be my other new playground. Nobody puts plants out here until mid- to late-April anyway, so I'll still be in good shape to put out some tomatoes and herbs, as well as lots and lots of flowers!
I'll post more pictures in the next couple of days. I have tons that we took in Rome, as well as some around Gaeta. Please be patient, I promise I will get most all of them up eventually.

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