Friday, May 09, 2008

New sonogram pictures!

So Wednesday was our "big" sonogram at 19 weeks. We decided not to find out the sex of the baby (it will remain Wee P until birth), but we saw plenty of other cool things! Unfortunately, the baby is now too big for the entire body to fit in the picture, but we have lots of pictures of hands, feet, etc.

The techs said the baby is looking great, all body parts accounted for and healthy, and weighs about 13 ounces now! They updated our due date to be September 25th, so we're now 20 weeks as of yesterday (Thursday)! We're halfway there! The baby was really cooperative, only moving around a little bit during the 1.5 hour procedure!


JR said...


It was about 6 months ago that we got sonogram pictures of our new grandson born April 23rd. I know how exciting it is to share these. You are in our prayers.


Laura said...

Janie and Neal,

I'm so excited for you both! The pictures of "Wee P" are awesome.

Take care and lots of love,

Laura Jones