Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Major update: WE'RE IN ITALY!!!!

So Uncle Sam decided to push things up a bit and flew us out on Valentine's Day (Neal's going to have a hard time beating that for next year, lol). After a jam-packed 30 days packing up the apartment, visiting Janie's family in Florida, and spending time with our parents, we flew out from Memphis on Feb 9th to San Diego only to find that we were going straight to Italy. So it was back to the East Coast to Norfolk on the 13th, then to Naples on the 14th. We arrived in Naples 6am local timeon Feb 15th.

Gaeta is awesome! We're loving the food, the views, and the people. The language barrier is a bit frustrating, but luckily it's fairly easy to get around and everyone is super sweet. We've even had a few people that asked us how to say something in English after we asked in Italian. S

So we've been here about five full days and couldn't be happier. Neal is checking into the command (a three-week process), and we start house-hunting on the 27th. We're going to Rome on Thursday (22nd), and we'll start branching out once we get settled. Unfortunately, we won't be able to do a whole lot of updates, and won't be able to post any pictures until we get settled into a house and get our computer up and running. Until then, we'll be updating from a computer on base. But as soon as is humanly possible, we'll have lots and lots of pictures up for everyone to see.

We love you all and miss you! If you're thinking about a visit, let us know!!!

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