Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A month later

Well, I suppose since it's been a month, maybe we should make sure we actually have something on here.

Neal is back at Whidbey Island, living in the barracks on base and finishing out his last few weeks stationed there. The weather is not so pleasant, and he even had to deal with some of that evil white stuff, but he's doing well overall, and staying healthy, which is most important.

Janie is finished with classes now, and all that's left is finals. Several more papers/projects, but it's mostly smooth sailing from here. Today is my first day of no classes, and I'm enjoying it immensely!

Neal will be coming back to Knoxville to visit for graduation next weekend (8 and a wake-up!), as well as Mom and Dad Phillips. We're both really excited to get some family time in with both sets of parents and the siblings, and actually be able to talk and be a family.

As for now, that's pretty much it. There are a ton more dates and plans and all that, but we'll update slowly, as things progress. We hope everyone is having a great week, and we love you all!

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